Congress powerless as hawks attack Libya

01 Apr

Obama’s crime syndicate made it clear who runs this country and it’s not congress or the US citizens.  The U.S. didn’t blink when Israel spent 3 weeks bombing Gaza killing 1400 people (900 civilians, 300 children.) Even now when they’re still bombing Gaza, no talk of a UN resolution much less a “no-fly” zone or backing the Palestinians in an insurrection.  …The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Barhain and Yemen continue to kill civilian protestors but Obama just says “Now ya’ll play nice!”

Maybe it’s because Libya ‘had’ an independent Central Bank and a nationalised oil company whose profits were being plowed back into the population providing free health and education as well as subsidised housing.  All that money going to waste on the middle class and very little if any going to western pockets.

Well those two things were sorted on day 2 (March 19th) when the “loose-knit, localized and factionalized opposition lacking the basic military necessities of command, control and communication” rebels managed to organise themselves and created a new Central Bank and new National Oil company.

I suppose all the billions of dollars that the US seized from Ghadafi and Libya could go into the new bank for use by the newly liberated Libya – but no!  Hilary’s going to spend it on rebuilding Japan and arming the Libyan rebels.

It’s a great game!  Trump up bullshit charges against a countries leader (WMDs, Osama Bin Laden, Drug Trafficking, killing civilians,- stop me if any of this sounds familiar!) and then use it to justify siezing financial assets and destroying the country’s military defenses, their power and water supplies, their food production and education systems, and blockading supplies of food, water and medicines.  Let this simmer for 1 to 10 years until the population think they cannot stand any more then rush in with the full might of the U.S. arsenal to really teach those foreigners a lesson about not playing according to our rules!!!

The U.S. have tried the “insurrection” trick before when the CIA backed a Kurdish uprising after the Gulf War.  Having promised the rebels the world, they then reneged and left the unfortunates to Saddam’s (lack of) mercy.  If the Libyan rebellion fails, get set for the “Ghadafi Is The Most Evil Person in the World” show as a prelude to a full-scale, professional U.N. (read as U.S.) invasion.

If you don’t like what I’m saying here, don’t blame me.  I’m only summarising the facts.

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