How to Tell if You’re the Baddies!

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Western Atrocities in the Middle East Continue Unabated

While most of us sleep distracted by our political theatre, Western governments and their cronies sponsor death and suffering around the world. They’ll continue to do so until we remove our “consent to be governed.”

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How Do We Know What To Believe?

With a well-rounded education in Western countries, we tend to reach adulthood reasonably aware of the world that we live in. We know that the Earth is roundish, we orbit the sun and have a position in the universe relative to certain planets, stars and galaxies (although we lost a planet along the way somehow!) The universe is held together by gravity especially those Black Holes at the centers of galaxies.

We know that the Earth is billions of years old (or 6000,) we’re living on moving plates and the ocean floor disappears underground at the coastline and mountains arise because of these interactions.

We know that comets are great balls of ice and asteroids are leftover material from the planet building days.

What we don’t learn is that some of this knowledge is suspect and that much better models exist to explain the physical realities of the universe.

One of these is known among its proponents as the Electric Universe model. Although nowhere near mainstream, EU is growing under the nurturing of some of the brightest minds in the world despite not being able to attract the funds available to standard cosmologists.

Which model, if any, is correct? We could go with consensus and say whichever has more supporters is the right one but it’s far better to compare the research and decide for ourselves what makes sense. Even if we can’t really be sure, an open-minded approach is definitely better than blind adherence to the popular dogma.

There are many exciting topics under the heading of EU opening up new understandings in cosmology, comets, stars and planetary science. Dave Talbot’s series “Discourses on an Alien Sky” is absolutely fascinating.

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The Smallpox Miracle Myth

Everyone who tries to convince us that vaccinations are the great saviour of mankind holds up smallpox as the first vaccine success story. However, the foundations of this story are weaker than the King Arthur legend.

Herbert M. Shelton, Natural Hygiene practitioner and prolific researcher and writer on healthcare topics exploded the smallpox fraud in a way that would have killed it dead if his writings could’ve reached a wider audience.

Many of Shelton’s books and writings are available on-line but mostly out of print.

Here’s an excerpt addressing smallpox vaccination.




Vaccinia is an acute infectious disease caused by vaccination. Vaccination is the inoculation of child or adult, well or sick, with septic matter (pus) derived from suppurating (festering) sores on the abdomen of a previously infected cow. I think this definition is incomplete in an important respect—I should have said that it is a criminal operation.

The disease dates from about the year 1774 when an ignorant and superstitious English farmer, Benjamin Jesty, vaccinated his wife and three children with matter taken from sores on cows suffering with cow-pox,” using a darning needle with which to make the incisions. Jesty believed a superstition, then prevalent among the milk-maids, that, one who had had cowpox was immune to small-pox.

Notes of this daring experiment were made by a doctor Nash who died in 1785. At his death these notes passed into the hands of Mr. Thomas Nash who was acquainted with Edward Jenner, a notorious charlatan, who is credited with having “discovered” vaccination. In 1789 Jenner inoculated his eighteen month’s old son with swine-pox matter. He followed this with other inoculations of other children and the filthy practice of vaccination was definitely launched.

An English writer, Arthur Wollaston Hutton, M. A., says of Jenner’s framing and qualifications: “But his professional acquirements were but slender; his medical degree was the outcome of no examination or scientific work, but merely of a fee of fifteen guineas paid to the University of St. Andrews; while his other and more important distinction, his Fellowship in the Royal Society, was obtained by what even Dr. Norman Moore, his latest biographer and apologist, is constrained to admit was little else than a fraud.”

Thus we have a filthy practice, born out of the ignorance and superstition of the past and fathered by an ignorant imposter and fraud, palmed off on the world today as a scientific procedure. It is really remarkable, the number of instances in the history of medicine, of practices and theories now in vogue, that owe their origin to ancient customs, traditions and superstitions.

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What is the Purpose of the Georgia Guidestones?

I suspect most Americans have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones but those who have will no doubt have dug into their mysterious origin and purpose with varying success. YouTube video journalist ReallyGraceful is here to demystify them in a way that I’ve never seen before.

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones

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Why you should be subscribed to RichPlanet TV

In a world full of corporate news channels pumping out government-approved messages and narratives that rarely synchronise with eyewitness reports, with everyone from major media to the man next-door on Twitter pushing their agenda-based opinion on every subject, many of us crave a source of solid research and analysis to help make sense of it all. Fortunately, there are a number of people and institutions that have proven their reliability and resilience over time. Of the ones I’ve come to know, one of my favourites is Richard D. Hall’s RichPlanet TV.

Richard has produced 255 episodes reaching back to 2008 on a wide range of subjects that are difficult if not impossible to get a straight story on from conventional journalism. His work on the Madeleine McCann story is phenomenal but I’ve chosen to highlight his episode on the Jill Dando murder which is probably the most clearcut case of assassination and cover-up by the establishment in recent times.

There’s much to be learned about the real world we inhabit beyond the Truman Show charade presented to us on our TV screens and newsprint. RichPlanet TV is there to help us navigate the minefield of confusion and disinformation. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful as much as I do.

RichPlanet TV, episode 252,
Kill Jill : The Dando Assassination Explained

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Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Radical Remission
Surviving Cancer Against All Odds
Kelly A. Turner, PhD.

In my layman’s journey of understanding health and wellbeing, I’ve encountered numerous accounts of cancer recovery without and even in spite of standard medical treatments. Sadly, my interest in knowing more about these so-called spontaneous remissions wasn’t shared by the medical profession and the public are generally unaware of them. So, I’m pleasantly surprised to find one researcher who has taken a great interest and an indepth look into the subject.

Kelly A. Turner, PhD’s book Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, first published in 2014, presents case histories of cancer survivors from those who refused to submit to standard treatment regimens to those who were written off as terminal after undergoing everything modern medicine had to throw at it.

More importantly, Dr Turner describes the common factors attributed by the survivors as contributing significantly to their recovery. The lessons arising from this insight are many and they apply not only to cancer but all chronic illness as most holistic practitioners will know.

Get the book and join the community

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